FREE 30 Minute Demo Session: Chemically Contaminated Drinking Water in the U.S.

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 that introduces the topics that will be covered in the "Chemically Contaminated Water in the U.S." 4-hour webinar.

This webinar is presented by Sustainable City Networks and NWETC.

Course Description: Contaminated drinking water has been in the news nationally over recent months.  In this 30-minute webinar, attendees will hear about several pieces of the puzzle of drinking water contamination and gain an appreciation for the role played by each.  These puzzle pieces include the basics of public (and private) water supplies and treatment for contaminants; the history of contamination of drinking water supplies; an overview of socioeconomic aspects of drinking water contamination; and current observations about risk perception and litigation related to contamination of drinking water. 

This mini-webinar serves as an introduction the 4-hour webinar called “Chemically Contaminated Drinking Water in the U.S. - Lead (Pb) and PFOS/PFOA as Examples”, which will delve more deeply into each puzzle piece, using lead (Pb) and perfluorinateds (PFOS and PFOA) as concrete examples.

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