The Complete Legislative History of NEPA

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*This is a download of an interactive, searchable database of NEPA reference documents. You will download a .zip file of the the material immediately after completing payment. To view the product, you will need to unzip it, then view with Adobe Reader.

This unique tool contains all the records, reports, references and official statements about the National Environmental Policy Act since its' inception in 1969. NEPA expert Danny Reinke, PhD has spent years compiling, cataloguing and indexing the hundreds of reports containing thousands of pages of data and reference material, in order to create a user-friendly, searchable database to help NEPA professionals find the information they need to support their work.

The legislative history of NEPA did not stop on 1 January 1970. Congress continues to have oversight, streamlining, and issue related public hearings, testimony and reports. Download this valuable reference tool, and have the complete history of NEPA at your fingertips.

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