Microsoft Excel Up to Speed Parts 1 and 2

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**This is a recording of a live webinar presented in six 2-hour sessions. **

Purchase includes 10 files:

  • Audio/Video recording of six 2-hour sessions,
  • Two course workbooks,
  • Exercise packets for each part

Many people use Excel every day yet barely scratch the surface of what they can accomplish with this powerful program. 

In Part 1, users will learn to utilize Shortcuts, Functions, and Charts, and explore all of the hidden tools that are at their disposal.

After completing Part 1, participants will be able to:

  • Understand intermediate to advanced uses of Microsoft Excel beyond the simple data table
  • Feel comfortable exploring and using functions and recording macros
  • Leverage charting, Sparklines, PivotTables and PivotCharts for data visualization and trend analysis
  • Gain proficiency in using power shortcuts and recording macros that will save time.

In Part 2, the focus is on Analysis and Visual Basic Programming. Excel comes packaged with lots of tools specifically designed to speed up analysis and auditing tasks, yet many people never know how to use them, or that they even exist in the first place. During this section, users will learn how to incorporate these workhorse tools into their Excel repertoire.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Install and use the Analysis Toolpak to perform common statistical analysis of their data.
  • Perform auditing and data validation tasks to help clean messy data sets and provide reliable results
  • Learn the basics of using the Visual Basic editor to create custom routines and automate tasks.

Course Topics:

Part 1

  • Macros
  • Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Charts
  • Charting
  • Sparklines
  • Dates & Times
  • Shortcut Keys & Power Techniques
  • Formulas
  • Auditing and Scenarios

Part 2

  • Analysis Toolpak
  • Data Validation
  • QA / QC
  • Visual Basic Overview
  • Pairing Excel with Microsoft Access

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