Lean and Six Sigma for Environmental Professionals: Introduction to Process Improvement

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*NWETC recommends that anyone purchasing this Introductory course consider purchasing Course 2: Lean and Six Sigma Tools for Process Improvement in order to gain a more complete understanding of the concepts. 

This six-hour webinar will challenge your ideas about how processes should operate, and discuss why processes are often setup to fail. We will also cover popular problem solving techniques such as 8D, A3, and PDCA that provide a foundation for improvement, and cover an overview of both Lean (Toyota) and Six Sigma (Motorola and GE), and discuss how these techniques can be applied to city and state agencies, environmental consultants, and other groups involved in environmental and government work.

Lean and Six Sigma are proven techniques for process improvement that many companies and organizations have used for decades to save money, increase customer satisfaction, engage employees, and become a more sustainable business or organization.

Process improvement is not just for manufacturing companies. City governments, law firms, military, public schools, software developers, non-profits, and even TV and movie studios are seeing benefits to learning and applying these techniques.

Environmental organizations are also getting on board to address their own inefficiencies, and they are finding success reducing the environmental impact of the organizations they work with by speaking the same process improvement language.

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